Uninterested Unicorns featured on Chain Debrief as one of the top NFT projects from Singapore

Published: November 3, 2021

Uninterested Unicorns is an NFT project launched by Singapore-based Nex10 Labs. It was first launched back in September and the full collection of 6900 unicorns were minted in hours after the project went live.

Beyond just owning the NFT, Uninterested Unicorns has other features for the NFT holders, including questing features which allows the NFT holders to earn UniCandy rewards or $UCD. The questing feature had gone live as per the team’s official roadmap.

The $UCD tokens earned by the NFT holders will also soon be tradable on a decentralized exchange. In the near future, the roadmap reveals that the team is working on an NFT game.

With a successful launch and a track record of delivering on their roadmaps so far, Uninterested Unicorns is definitely a project to watch.